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This game is phenomenal! Whoa! I love just walking through all the paths and looking at the meditative landscape. So beautiful!

This was honestly a spectacular game. It was really enthralling as well as immersive with it's simplicity and artisticness. The music and art melded really well together and just made it an amazing experience.

I was expecting the art style to be incredible, and it definitely was. But i wasn't expecting the sound design to also be Fantastic.

Everything comes together brilliantly to give the world a great atmosphere that's really enjoyable to wonder around in   



“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” ― Leonardo da Vinci


true final?

I dont know if i should talk about the gameplay, but i really liked the atmosphere and specially that beautiful and unique style. Thank you for the experience.


Are there multiple endings to this? Noticed I didn't go through some paths that I didn't click. 

Brilliant sound design by the way!


It's not the end that matters.)) And thanks! 


I love the colour tones here - Great job!


Thank you!)


What a coincidice, Hrana in Croatian means "Food".


Feed your soul then))

 i love it :)

That warms my heart!))

In my country "hrana" means food ;D

In mine it means the edge/the verge, but also the bell ringing for the dead ;-) 


njam njam hrana kako sam gladan

Is Linux version planned?

Hi, not really, but I guess I might as well build one)


This game is beautiful! I posted a non horror game on my horror channel because of how unique this is. great work will be looking what you do next :)

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Thank you!)) 

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The game looks good.

It reminded me of Andrey Tarkovsky's Stalker (1979).


Thank you! Although it was not a direct inspiration, I really like Tarkovsky's films, I appreciate such a strong compliment ;)

looks good


konečně nějaká krásná česká hra :D

Posprejované české ručičky. Náhodou u nás vznikají krásné hry. A díky!

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wow cool

Thx my queen.