Gingers have no soul! It's time you give them one. Run around the baking environment and fart topping at the soulless gingerbreads coming at you in their desperation. Make your way through three levels, decorate bosses and beatbox in the meantime.  Spread the love. 

This is a casual, family-oriented, short game made during an annual traditional Christmas sweets baking. It's also my first game, so feedback is most welcome!


Note: This game was not developed for a browser. Download is recommended for a smooth fullscreen experience.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, artgame, Casual, Christmas, Cute, Funny, minigames, Top down shooter, Transgender, Unity


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GingerPunk 2020 v0.52 144 MB
GingerPunk 2020 v0.52 144 MB


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Bruuuuuh this game is tits


Brrrrruuuhhh, thanks!))

very hard


I had a bit of a hardcore(r) era while making it. You know, Covid and stuff.


This game is so fun!!

Thank you, ma man!

awesome game! 31 Days of Indie Christmas Games - GingerPunk 2020 Gameplay And Review - YouTube

Whoa, thx! It's great that it still get's some love years after release!)

This game was so funny, we loved the party at the end.

Este juego fue muy divertido, nos encanto la fiesta del final.

Ahahaha, that's great! Thanks for streaming! :-D

I love this game <3

Glad you like it!)

Vypadá hodně dobře, nejlepší česká Vánoční hra, kterou jsem hrál. Možná  by akorát bylo lepší, kdyby perník uměl střílet i na víc směrů.

Díky! Možná, víc lidí mi říkalo, že je matoucí, když pořád střílí ze zadku)) Ale whatever, aspoň je to trochu výzva ;-)) Třeba někdy udělám druhý díl. 

2 díl 2022?  XD

Kdo ví ;-) 

funky gamesa, nemohl jsem dokončit druhou úroveň, protože mi došly hovna :( 

cool pepíku <3 

kubajs h


looks beautiful 

but you should remove **** from the box art

A beautiful little game. We had fun testing it.

Wow, thanks for the vid, my own computer is too weak to record it without lag :-D Anyway I can see the camera confiner doesn't work well with an ultra wide screen such as yours. Tnat's a shame, I've got no idea how to fix that tho...

(1 edit)

This is too much fun until it crashed for memory out of bound ???

*okay it was amazingly fun, crash only happens when playing full screen

Oh, I didn’t experience that)) Thank you, I’ll look into it!)


So enjoyable and the whistling XD

Thanks! 😉

First off: Controls. I know how to move, and that's it. I don't really have a goal, and if there was a screen to tell me the controls, that would be very helpful.

Ok... there’s one with on the button with the question mark in the main menu. Maybe i could include it in the pause menu as well)) Thanks!